The Lore of Dragons in Magic: The Gathering

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04 Feb 2023


Dragons are some of the most iconic and fearsome creatures in Magic: The Gathering. These winged beasts are known for their immense power and grace, striking fear into the hearts of even the bravest planeswalkers.

The Legacy of Dragons

Dragons have been a part of Magic: The Gathering since the very beginning, with the mighty Chromium appearing in the original 1993 set, “Alpha.” Over the years, dragons have appeared in every color and set, each offering new abilities, lore, and flavor to the dragon archetype.

There’s a wide range of dragons in Magic: The Gathering, each with its own unique traits and abilities. From the fiery red dragons to the cunning black dragons to the regal white dragons, each color offers a different flavor of dragon to the game.

The Most Iconic Dragons in Magic: The Gathering

  1. Nicol Bolas – A powerful and ancient dragon planeswalker, Nicol Bolas has appeared in multiple sets and holds a prominent place in the game’s lore.
  2. Chandra Nalaar‘s Dragon – A fiery dragon created by the pyromancer Chandra Nalaar, this dragon is a fan favorite for its aggressive and destructive abilities.
  3. Bladewing the Risen – A dragon lord with the ability to return other dragons from the graveyard to the battlefield, Bladewing has become a popular choice for dragon-themed decks.
  4. Shivan Dragon – An MTG original, although the Shivan Dragon isn’t particularly powerful in today’s meta, the name and artwork are iconic.
  5. Dragonlord Dromoka – A dragon planeswalker from the set “Dragons of Tarkir,” Dragonlord Dromoka is known for its powerful defensive abilities and its ability to create dragon tokens.

Powerful Dragons in Magic: The Gathering

  1. Terror of the Peaks – A dragon from the set “Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths,” Terror of the Peaks is a formidable creature with flying and haste abilities. Its mana cost can be reduced by casting noncreature spells, making it easier to bring into play. Its abilities also allow it to deal extra damage and potentially finish off an opponent’s life total.
  2. Dragonlord Atarka – A dragon planeswalker from the set “Dragons of Tarkir,” Dragonlord Atarka boasts an impressive array of abilities that make it a force to be reckoned with. Its combat abilities allow it to deal massive damage to creatures and players alike, while its other abilities provide significant card advantage and life gain.
  3. Old Gnawbone – Old Gnawbone’s powerful wings offer her allies a generous reward – with just 7 mana, she can unleash an abundance of treasure tokens and create exciting post-combat steps. Not to mention the effectiveness of this Commander force in battle; boasting an impressive menacing 7/7 form that ensures those who challenge it will swiftly face defeat.
  4. Ancient Copper Dragon – Ancient Copper Dragon is an exciting card that fits the “mega-ramp” archetype seen in more recent Commander-focused sets. This allows players to generate larger and faster mana sources, while also providing Treasure tokens – a powerful resource few other colors can access. In addition to its obvious ramping capabilities, Ancient Copper Dragon boosts synergy with cards like artifact matters or death triggers due to its versatile form of acceleration.
  5. The Ur-Dragon – The Ur-Dragon is a powerful force to be reckoned with in Commander. Ranked as one of the top five Commanders by EDHREC, this legendary draconic presence amplifies Dragon spells for less mana and rewards players who approach its power aggressively: attack your opponents’ planeswalkers with Dragons, and you may put an extra permanent card onto the battlefield.

The Role of Dragons in Magic: The Gathering Lore

Dragons play a major role in the lore of Magic: The Gathering. They are often depicted as powerful and intelligent beings, commanding respect and fear from the other creatures of the planes. Depending on the situation, they can be allies or enemies and are often sought after by planeswalkers for their strength and abilities.


The dragons of Magic: The Gathering are a staple of the game’s lore and offer players a glimpse into the rich world of the planes. Whether used as a fearsome weapon or as a mighty ally, dragons will continue to be a prominent part of the game for years to come.

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